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    Helo Everyone !
    If a pupil's age does not comply with West Bengal Board of Secondary Education's norm for appearing at Madhyamik Examination ( i.e. age is less than the required one) , what to do so that the pupil can sit for the exam.without sparing a year?
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    With the SPECIAL PERMISSION of the board.
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    Thanks; Actually I need the procedure in details. Pls, help.
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    • Dear friend,
      As per my knowledge, the process will be like this: -
      On the basis of the application of the Student / Parent of the Student seeking permission - addressed to the Head Master of the school along with the copy of the Birth certificate.

      Then the Head Master of the School may send the same application along with the enclosures and a forwarding letter to be addressed to the Board of Secondary Education.
  5. I do not understand how West Bengal Board of Secondary Education circulate minimum 14+ age limit to appear Madhyamik Examination in 2013-14(as normal age).vide notice of WBBSE in 2012 . It is because, in 1991 regulation, all the schools (Primary and High) were advised not to allow students to get admission in class I whose age is less than 5. Then 10+5 = 15+ years old students are eligible to appear Madhymik, because due to entry level restriction at 5+ years (at class I) , none of the students would fall below 15 years . Therefore, I want to know, how the Board is circulating 14+ age limits as the minimum age to appear Madyamijk exam . If it is true, then 4+ old students will be allowed to get admission in class I. Therefore, the decision /notice of the Board is absolutely antagonistic and lost its credibility too. Because, Board is restricting 5+ years at class I entry, on the other hand, they are circulating notice that the candidates will be allowed to appear Madhymik exam at 14 + years. How it is Possible?

    From this above discussion, I would like to suggest the Board to make a strict rule for the admission side as well as appearing Madhyamik exam side. For Example, if the minimum age is fixed at 6+ year to get admission at Class one , then minimum age to appearing Madhyamik examination should be 10+(6+)=16+ years, not 15+ year , not even 14+ years .
    Simultaneously, Board should give some relaxation in correction of age for regular Madhymik candidate or those had already passed out including other error correction.
    Age correction application should be accepted by the board on the ground that the candidate’s corrected date of birth /age would not be less than 15+ years (if it is the minimum age is fixed by the board to appear Exam) or 16+ years (if it is the minimum age fixed by the board to appear exam) as per existing norms of the Board. It would be more convincing to accept that the candidate had passed Madhyamik at 15+ or 16+ year age. The rural background students or those parents are illiterate would be highly benefited. There is no reason to reject the application even after post exam period if the corrected age of the candidate follows the minimum age norms. This is because the probability of committing error in age related issues or form fill in issue for Madhyamik Exam etc is higher among the first generation students whose parents are illiterate and are from rural family backgrounds

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