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    A police man had a brain haemmorhage resulting in paralysis of his half body. He is under treatment for the last 2 years and under the advice of medical rest. His wife brings her to Kolkata at Bangur Institute of Neurology for treatment. He applied for VRS but his department syas that until he joins the duty his VRS application can not be considered. He has been advised by some senior Government servants to apply for holding a medical board at any Government Hospital to declare him medically unfit as disable. They say that if he is declared medically unfit then his son who is 24 years old may get a job in police on compassionate ground. I would request the members having proficiency in DCRB Rules of WB to please enlighten me the easy process where he can get the maximum benefits. Kindly treat it as most urgent.
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    Dear Adil Saheb,
    My humble request to you to plan a visit to the exampted category service section at the ground floor of the Writers buildings main block. Opposite of the Writers buildings library. You can find some young + energetic + kind hearted officers who are always ready to help anyone. There you might find an ex leader of Paschim Banga Non Gazetted Police Armchair Sanity having same name of mine. He may also help you in this regards.

    Ami just oi concern person der ekjoner sathe phone e kotha bole jante parlam je oi oshustho police person ke ontoto ekbar tar nijer Dist / unit office e join korte hobe & join korar por somosto medical papers sohojoge voluntery retirement er jonyo medical board e appear hobar aabedon korte hobe. Aabedon monjuri krome medical board jodi take medically unfit bole declare kore voluntery retirement monjur koren tobei oi police kormi r son / daughter exampted catagory te service er jogyo bole bibechito hoben.

    In details the office may guide you better.

    Thank you again for your dedicated service for the police families. Soon I may also have to consult with you in my matter too.
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    Is there any provision to retire voluntarily by the Govt. employee himself ?

    Yes, members of certain constituted service and other officers specified in Rule 59 D.C.R.B. 1971, viz. W. B. Higher Agriculture Service, W.B. Agriculture Service, Veterinary Service, Senior Education Service, W.B. Civil Service, Executive and Judicial, Health Service, Police Service, Engineering Service, Supdt. of Jails, Director of Statistics etc. may be permitted to retire on completion of 25 years of service. The employees of other categories may retire voluntarily on completion of 20 year of service. He may be allowed weightage upto 5 years in addition to his qualifying service, the total of which will not exceed 30 years of qualifying service in terms of G. O. No. 6620-F, dated 20.8.81.Adding length of service maximum period of 5 years reduced to 3 years due to enhancement of age of superannuation from 58 to 60 years. (G.O.No. 654-F (Pen) dt. 8.6.98)

    The Officer who intends to retire voluntarily must give three months’ notice to the appointing authority who may withhold the permission if there is any disciplinary case pending and contemplated against the employee.
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    Dear Admin,
    In police department voluntery retirement on medically unfitness can be allowed. Your advice is applicable to the person in general. But this is a special case where the employee itself unable to serve the department due to medical ground.
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    Thank you Tanmoy and my thanks is also for the other brothers who are sympathetic to the issue. My question is as to what the law says? procedures may be simplified from person to person. For example if a Government employee is totally paralysed and bed ridden unable to move and even talk, how he can be declared fit by the Doctor or hospital to join his office? In that case what is the position of the law/rule in the West Bengal Government. i would also request Mr. nemo or any other member to kindly arrange to post G. O. No. 6620-F, dated 20.8.81 & G.O.No. 654-F (Pen) dt. 8.6.98 to examine it whether it favours the cases like that of the completely paralytic employees who are not in a position to join to their duties. Thank you Tanmoy, I will contact the person at exampted category service section at Writers Building to gain knowledge. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE AS IT ENHANCES KNOWLEDGE. Advising the people in distress is a most worthy cause which is liked by the GOD.
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    Dear brother. Please find the attached file for G.O. No. 6620-F dated 20.08.1981. I shall provide you the rest at the earliest. Please convey my sincere sympathy to the family and I pray for his recovery.

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    Government of West Bengal
    "HEMANTA BHAVAN" (Top Floor)
    12, B. B. D. BAG (East)​

    No. 654-F (Pen) Calcatta, the 8th June, 1998
    Sub: Admissibility of the benefit of adding to length of service a period not exceeding 5 years as contemplated in rule 27 of W.B.S. (D. C. R. B.) Rules, 1971 consequent upon enhancement of age of superannuation of State Govt, employees belonging to Groups A, B & C.

    The undersigned is directed by the order of the Governor to say that the Governor has been pleased to decide that consequent upon enhancement of age of superannuation of State Government Employees belonging Group 'A' Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ services from 58 years to 60 years, the benefit of adding to length of service a maximum period of 5 (five) years as contemplated in Rule 27 of West Bengal Services (Death-cum-Retirement Rules) 1971, shall be reduced to a maximum period of 3 (three) years.
    This order shall be deemed to have taken effect from 15.5.98.
    Formal amendment to Rule 27 ibid will be made in due course.

    Sd/- D. Gupta
    Deputy Secretary
    to the Government of West Bengal.

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