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  1. Dear Moderator/Administrator,
    May I request for introduction of new folder for all the employees---- Govt or non-Govt aided(specially schools).
    It is e-Manual.
    The basic moto is to provide the users of this forum latest GOs, publications, announcements, holidays etc.etc.
    Structural division :
    There may be two divisions : a) Govt Sector b) non-govt sector
    Sub-Division :
    Each division may again divided into a few sub-divisions :
    a) Administration, b) appointment/confirmation/transfer rule, c) pay rule, d) leave rule, e) DCRB rules f) others.

    The folders/divisions/sub-divisions may be developed with the uploads of latest GOs / publications / announcements etc.
    No queries there. No discussions. Only GOs uploaded by our friends. Classified Sector/Division/Sub-division wise.

    Any query or discussion may be invited in a new folder namely e-query.
    It may also contain division/sub-divisions etc.

    Thus, others may get a ready reference of service related matters and thereby classify and/or clarify their queries themselves.
    It may be called the e-Manual and I hope it would be the most useful and attractive folder for the GO-mongers.

    May be that I fail to place the matter clearly.
    Anyway my basic aim is to introduce a ready folder on latest GOs etc.

    Every related discussion on the Topic is welcome.
    Thank you all.
  2. donyi_polo

    donyi_polo Member

    It's a good proposal! Many G.O.s are uploaded along with the relevant posts in a scattered manner, which need to be picked up from present locations, sorted out and arranged in apt locations. Thus occurrence of same G.O.s in more than one locations may be avoided. In addition, it will enhance their accessibility in the forum.

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