e-TDS digitisation for all the Govt. employees in an Office

Discussion in 'Tax' started by amitava, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I, being the Head of my Office, submit the TDS returns of all employees under IT Act in my office annually in 24 (Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4) with the help of an external agency which digitises the IT returns and upload the same to the IT website. It claims charges for this.
    In the e-Filing website, I find option for submitting Return as an individual.
    Can I submit the IT Returns of all employees in my Govt. Office using the e-Filing website?
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    Re: e-TDS digitisation for all the Govt. employees in an Off

    I think any salaried individual can file return online through e-filing portal. PAN card, Form 16 and last return statement are to be kept ready prior to start e-filing. The process of income tax returns filing online is not cumbersome.

    Please note that salaried Individual earning less than Rs 5 lakhs doesn't require to file return. But salaried individual earning above Rs. 5 lakhs must have to file return ONLINE.

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