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    As per Order No. 996-SE (Law)/PL/5S-74/12,Date: 15.06.2012 Para "5" Primary school teachers appointed after 03.09.2001 under SC/ST/PH/EC category.......etc etc .Now what is this EC(EXEMPTED CATEGORY)? What is that order which says the meaning of EXEMPTED CATEGORY? Is it "notification no. 301-EMP/1M-10/2000 dated 21.08.2002"? But I am not getting that. Please help.
    Atanu Sengupta
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    Exempted category, in practice in the offices of the Government of West Bengal is known as the candidature of the children of those persons who die in harness. In such cases the Government considers appointing their sons/daughters to by waiving the conditions which are required to be fulfilled by a regular candidate. Generally 30% vacancies are kept reserved for such candidates from the total numbers of vacancies. In such cases if a group C employee dies in harness and his children are not eligible academically pr for other reasons to get the Group C job, then the candidate(son/daughter) will be appointed to group D job so that the family of the employee does not have to starve. Such vacancies, however, if not filled are not carried forward.
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