G.O. No. 3956/G dated 03.03.1972

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  1. hkg

    hkg Novice

    can anybody help me by providing 2 G.Os bearing memo nos
    1. 3956/g dt. 03/03/1972 and
    2. OR-1030/69/g dt. 29/05/1969
    these two G.Os are very essential to me as well as to my school
    located at Birbhum district. i am waiting for your kind cooperation.........
  2. hkg

    hkg Novice

    i am waiting, can anybody help me? pls........
  3. hkg

    hkg Novice

    pls cooperate with me..........
  4. b_roy

    b_roy Active Member

    Friend I don't have any idea about the GO... hope some of my friend may help you very soon however will you speak little more about the subject of the said GO
  5. hkg

    hkg Novice

    the subject of that memo no is- upgradation certificate of the school from junior basic to

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