Reimbursement on cesarean delivery -non empanelled hosp.

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    Please provide information on the following matter :

    I admitted my wife in a non empannelled hospital for delivery of my baby in the month of January '2012. I claimed for medical reimbursement with all necessary documents(original bills etc.) in the month of May'2012(though I informed my office within 2 days of admission and also delivery of newly born baby) . Till date I have not received any cheque or so regarding reimbursement. Now, here is a dilemma also , some people are telling as Sanctioning Authority of High Court (I am an employee of High Court) is Registrar General himself so there is no need to forward bill within limit of Rs. 50000/- to the Judicial Department , Writers' Bldg. and again Medical Deptt. of High Court is not sure about it. So please let me know what is the right procedure considering the above mentioned facts. Also please mention if there is any G.O. or so regarding this kind of reimbursement.

    Please post reply in this regard. Thanks in advance.
  2. In your case, if the bill amount is less than or equal to 50,000/-, Registrar General as your DDO and appointing authority is the competent authority to sanction the bill. And, as the case was taken to a non empannelled hospital, considering the bed capacity of the hospital you will get either 80% (Bed capacity more than 100) or 60% (bed capacity less than 100) of your total claim. But your D3 form should contain the information of bed capacity as well as license no of the hospital and its last renewal date. As per rule you have to submit the bill within 3 months. But consideration for late submission is dependent upon the DDO on genuine ground. You may apply to him stating genuine ground for late submission.
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    It was 80 Beds as per G.O. No. 10539-F, dt. 21.11.11. Had it been amended?
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    considering the bed capacity of the hospital you will get either 80% (Bed capacity more than 100) or 60% (bed capacity less than 100) not your of your total claim but on APPROVED RATE.
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    Thanks to all who replied to the post and helped a lot. Now, I am to inform here that at last my said bill was forwarded to Pen A/C for reimbursement but they send it back with the observation that I have to submit the original money receipts of fees from doctors (who were present/ attended during the admission of my wife at nursing home and also during ceaser). Now, as 1 year has already passed from the submission(and also admission at nursing home) of the bill it would be quite impossible for me to collect the same and why should doctors attend me for the reason. Moreover, the money receipts as asked to submit are not at all necessary as per my view because in the relevant G.O. no such requirement has been stated only the form D3 has to be submitted in correct form and I had already submitted it in correct way.
    Now, please reply as to whether the objection raised by Pen A/C is correct if so how and why ( on the basis of which G.O.) and if the objection has no stand then what way I can take to the effect of proper reimbursement of the bill.

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