Teachers deprived from pensionary benefits within time.

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    One U.D.C. of our Office retired last July and his wife who was an A.T. retired seven months prior to the date of his retirement. Both retired at the age of 60 years. Obviously the wife is aged than the husband and she is entitled to have the benefit of retirement first. But the scenario is quite different. The husband who is a State Govt. Employee, received all the benefits within one week of his retirement and his pension was started within due time whereas his wife till after one year of her retirement, received nothing. I have seen Govt. order regarding payment of pensionary benefits to the Govt. Employees on the date of retirement and to comply the same we start dealing with the pension papers before one year of retirement but I came to know about the authorities of aided schools who start dealing with the pension cases after retirement. Why not the authorities and Govt. Care for it? I cannot but express my grievance. I am appealing all the members of this forum to put their comments in this regard and try to bring it to the kind attention of the Govt. so that the teachers not be deprived from receiving thiers legitimate dues within due time.
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    Just behold the name of the topic introduced by mbhunia and, get the answer.

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