Upgradation of Qualification of Pry. Teachers

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    As per latest memorandum of up-gradation of Pry. teacher ------ a few questions arise considering the practical situation.
    Questions are :-
    1. Where the NIOS situated and whether has it any branch in the rural area where the teacher will communicate latter is unknown still now ? Asking the details in this regard.
    2. There are some specific questions:
    a> Some have passed one year training before 03.09.2001 but appointed after 03.09.2001 ?
    b> Some have appointed before 03.09.2001 but got training after ?
    c> Some have acquired academic qualification from the Board of other states which is a matter confusion of its validity ?
    d> In previous result teacher acquire 50% marks in some subjects but some are not, could they acquire appear for all subjects or selected subjects to acquire 50% marks ?

    Please help me to know the detail.
  2. Friend,
    You have posted here some valuable points regarding up- gradation of qualification for the Primary Teachers. It is fact that the G.O. is NOT clear .
    I think problem is the way of solution. Another G.O. will be published regarding it near future.
    I think-
    1) A list of NIOS will upload here by the forum friends very soon. 2) Perhaps in both cases up-gradation of qualification is requires. Now teachers should apply for up- gradation of their qualifications to the concern D.P.S.C. Then Council will decide it. 3) Please see another Boards of other States whether N.C.T.E. approved or not and also H.S. equivalent or not. 4) it is better to choice another subjects. Take my heartiest regards.With Thanks.
  3. Friend,
    Please read " It is fact the G.O. is Not clear". Sorry for mistake. Thanks again.
  4. friend,
    Our another one friend Kousik_ds all ready up loaded the list of NIOS today i.e 12.05.2012. Please see that attachment. With regards.

    Link: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.askwb.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=629">viewtopic.php?f=16&t=629</a><!-- l -->
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    @A. Pal
    I want to know what is the scope of getting H.T. post for those primary teachers who were appointed before 03.09.01 with following qualifications:
    (a) only H.S. qualification and no training,
    (b) only M.P. qualification without any training,
    (c) both graduate and B.ED. degrees.
    Pls reply.

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