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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by Asit Baran Pal, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. At first I am offering my heart-full congratulation to all the members of this forum. We shall be more sincere in future because we are not just new born baby. We are growing, we have now unlimited energy which can create a model forum. We should more careful to post here, must be prof our responsibility. For the betterment of WBXPRESS Community , we should not be posting any incomplete or repeated, spelling mistake message. I think if we read all the topics carefully some of our question will be automatically solve. We should post here always appropriate answer. Otherwise we shall not able to create it as a most popular forum. Thousands of eyes are looking always here. We want to give better service to our viewers with the help of our all members and earn something. Don't mind my friends, it is just my personal opinion. Tender my love again.
  2. som

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    Thanks for this nice post. I am sure my friend wanted to mean "knowledge" regarding "earn something".
  3. Yes my friend,you are absolutely right.we want to acquire something.

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