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#262 by pranab banerjee
04 Jan 2012, 23:06
House Rent Calculator.xls
For all Tax payers to my some information about the House Rent Calculation from exemption U/s 10(13A), which can get the Income Tax benefits from Income Tax. Now this time is guess the actual Tax liability to all Govt Employees. It is observed that the most of W.B.Govt employees bi-pas the most of Section of Income Tax which can get the exemption, like as H.R.A. CALCULATION U/s 10(13A).
I have prepared a Excel Utility which can help to all tax payers who have live in Rented House and got the H.R.Allowances from the Employer. They can Get the benefits in Income Tax. As per the Income Tax Rules 1961 is admissible to get the benefits for exemption from excess house rent paid. The manners of Calculation of H.R.A. will be calculated as per the Income Tax Rules i.e. On the (Basic Pay + D.A) Annually received, H.R.A. Paid. For Metro City will be @ 50%, for Non Metro City @ 40% & 10% of excess payment of Actual Salary Drawn(BASIC + G.PAY + D.A.), which less. The H.R.A. Calculation will made automatically by this attachment Excel Utility. I hope this Utility can help to calculate the Actual H.R.A. Just put the required Data and prepare it automatically.
#264 by som
04 Jan 2012, 23:28
Nice informations Mr. Banerjee. Whether it is mandatory to submit rent receipt of the rented house for the exemption? will have a look at the excel utility and try to post my feedback. Thanks.
#271 by pranab banerjee
05 Jan 2012, 07:43
O..fff, U unwanted meaning in this HRA Calculation, don't post this type of reply, The HRA Exemption will be entitled to who is living in rented house, if you have already live in own house, you have to not get this HRA benefits from Income Tax U/s 10(13A). I have previously known to you, you are most efficient about any accounts and Excel also friend, But don't post any reply like fool.
#288 by pranab banerjee
05 Jan 2012, 18:43
I am sorry for my comments about the Mr. Som's reply, I have not read properly the reply of Mr. Som, Yes Mr. Som if U get any HRA relief from Income Tax it is mandatory to submit the Rent Receipt which given by the Land Loard or House owner.
#292 by som
05 Jan 2012, 20:23
Its O.K. Mr. Banerjee :) Mistake is the part of life. As far as I know, You are a nice man, very helpful, sympathetic and being a senior I do have lotsa respects for you. Infact I silently learnt many things from your creations. So being a student of you, I always have the authority to ask any question and it may be foolish ;) after all we are the idiots here :lol: trying to help people as far as possible. I actually tried to encourage you because appreciations are very needful and it make us enthusiastic. So, let us make this site an wonderful place for the People of West Bengal. Do take care of yourself and your family.
#7706 by kousikroy
25 Nov 2012, 22:30
dear som, i am the newly appointed headmaster of a high school... now if any teacher of my school wants H.R.A. exemption, should i keep the house rent receipts either in original or in photocopy with the school records? pl reply.. thanks.
#7710 by som
25 Nov 2012, 23:10
Welcome to this forum Sri Roy. As far as I know its the responsibility of DDO to check all the documents related to incometax of the employees. Being satisfied with the documents, keeping copies of the same, Form 16 should be issued . So you may keep attested copies of the rent receipts. The originals should preserve by the incumbents for future enquiry if required.
#7713 by pranab banerjee
25 Nov 2012, 23:21
Yes, Som, your reply is correct, as per the income Tax Rules & u/s 10(13A). Now it is mandatory by the Income Tax Deptt , that whether the House rent is exceed 15,000/-P.M. the PAN No of House owner must be submitted or mention in the application of employee, who can apply the H.R.A. Exemption.
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