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#5772 by som
30 Sep 2012, 10:24
Hi friends. The number of job opportunities for the females have been increasing day by day and some of the fields are exclusively for them. I think we should make some discussion over the matter as the same creating imbalanced families and our future generation has been suffering from proper mother care. Please ignore this if you consider it wrong.
#5786 by Ray
30 Sep 2012, 18:50
Dear Mr. Som,

As in almost every situation, this 'phenomenon' has two sides. Utilization of resource in one hand and loneliness of a child. But, if we can not welcome women with merit and good professional skill, every sector will lose worthy resources. It is true that children now-a-days are feeling lonely and being prone to depression for it, as the experts say, but the entire blame can not be put solely on the working woman. A father can equally do a good parenting. Apart from this, considering the increasing expenditure on education, a double income will certainly do some benefit to a family.

In my opinion, man or woman, with qualities that can be beneficial for the society through a job/attachment, should not be confined within four walls and on the other hand they should, at the earliest available opportunity, spend quality time with family and kids.
#5873 by donyi_polo
02 Oct 2012, 21:13
Dear Som,
Pls elaborate your obsession on the imbalance in a society where mother is struggling in workplace!

I justify that matter in this way that a mother can also contribute to the financial matter in a family for the benefit of others, especially for her child. I stress on the removal of economic imbalance in a family rather than a habitual social imbalance. It is needed to comply with a situation which makes a child dream a better prospect. No doubt, our practical experience makes us realize that every prospect in the society has now become money-oriented. There is a tremendous competition outside. All are struggling – not merely for Darwinian existence (now a cliché) but for overreaching others – for flying high – for grabbing more & more. When the women are contributing towards advancement of a nation in developed countries, why should they remain shut up in the kitchen which can be managed by a maid servant in our country ? Today women are desirous of becoming self-sufficient in respect of monetary matter. Not only for strengthening financial condition of family but also to secure better position in the society. Children of a working woman are often self-dependent and, learn to struggle when they see their mother working outside for better livelihood of all the family members, especially for their well-being! They are believed to be more sociable. They also gradually realize to share responsibilities which their mother bears along with father in regard to monetary matter – a balanced approach for their development.

It’s a good topic.
#5878 by Ray
02 Oct 2012, 21:36
Dear Dr. Majumdar,
A maid servant is also 'a woman'. :)
#5886 by som
03 Oct 2012, 00:17
Yes. Its always the rat race in our society and of course money is the main factor. In my opinion a balanced family means father in job, mother in home, child is guided by parents having special care of mother. Servant only to help home works. Father never can be the substitute of mother. My eyes was in the Bartamaan Patrika for a last few days to a topic regarding prone for committing suicide in the students. A study has been made over the matter and it has come out that most of the students were looked after by their maid servants as their parents were too busy on their earnings. None provided much time to take care of their wish, feelings, thoughts etc. Obviously money makes all but can it return the lifes? My thinking is very simple, we should always try to adopt the natural things, otherwise the end will always be bitter. "Bonya ra bone sundor, sishura matri krore".
#5904 by donyi_polo
03 Oct 2012, 20:33
Dear Brother Som, Friend Mr.A. Ray and Leader Nemoda,

The topic chosen by som is "Women in Office, men in kitchen". No doubt - nice! But our discussion is limited to working mother only - why? I was also a little biased and was inclined towards a working mother! I appreciate Mr. A. Ray for his subtle intelligence when he reminds me of the fact that "A maid servant is also a woman". Thank you friend for rectification!
That's why, I think, the term WOMAN should not only refer to a WORKING MOTHER but also include the whole morphs of a woman. How can I forget the eternal virity that aims at different phases of womanhood - "Ramoni", "Kamini", "Gharoni" and "Janoni"! A transformation that takes place with time. I am bound to admit that such variation in the lifecycle is not there in a man.

What's the harm if my sister is an employee in an office? What's wrong if my mother is an employer? What's wrong if my wife is an Executive? What's unethical if my daughter is a Politician? I am afraid - Am I a chauvinist! Otherwise why can't I tolerate my lady boss who gives me instructions? Let's take the matter further forward.

With regards!
#5955 by b_roy
05 Oct 2012, 18:21
Dear friends, a very nice topic (I can't resist myself to enter into though i'm not sure whether I have read or understood the matter completely) and the topic name itself invites 'ODD' reaction in my mind. First let me tell I'm not yet married and none of my parents belong to the "WORKING" category with a service book. Now why odd? simply because I smell a disagreement with the proposed situation from the author end (pardon me for any wrong interpretation). And thus we place the thing that one of the parent has to be in home (and so far fathers were out side and it's time to reverse the situation). It is because in our mind 'He' and 'She' are two different things and a person is degenerated in either a lady or a man. Now we can't deny the reality in our mind-frame as well as in the sociological situation. So at least one of the parents is to be out. And in my personal opinion the person who can earn more should go for the job and the other should remain in home-making. And what is a female? Is she not a female physiologically (by birth) and a feminine ( made up through the feminisation by the society). If we can change the second part in the 'humanization' of a boy or a 'girl' and change our social thought that the house of the husband is static the girl is only to migrate no solution is to be fruitful because it will mis-match yielding to other problems leading to divorce( the worst) and nuclear family(worse than the worst for the children). Actually what I tried to say is that I am against any stood-fast rule or custom and we are to be flexible enough to adopt with the situation. But for that my dream is that my grand-child's grand children will believe and execute "humanity first"( thanks to dear Nemo for the phrase) (I am firmly against rigid feminism that likes to see females are greater than men, and I believe in equality in human-hood) and will be fortunate enough to have one of the parents with them in home. (Please remember I am talking from one foot above the floor as I am not yet married and most probably will not leave my job if my wife has greater job. So sorry for the Hippocrasy)
I am against the discourse that mother CAN take care of a baby more than the father. I am not overlooking the physiological or emotonal reality. But actually for the child the LOVE which is born out of closed psycho-socio attachment matters most. The unfortunte incidents that som da has pointed out from the news paper might not repeat if there is a grandpa or grandma( irrespective of gender) present in the household with validity and in close relation and of course toleration to the generation's sentiment.
I am sorry for this long and un-comprehensive post. but I would like to draw attention for the large no. of working-class family where both the parents ( and the frequently also the child) are engaged in work but seldom we see death out of depression (may be they are not covered in the media), perhaps there expectation is much less and they escape the education system of our society that has expertise in making Dependents.
( sorry again for my gibberish thought that I could not help sharing with you)
#6045 by donyi_polo
09 Oct 2012, 20:48
Dear Mr. B. Roy,
I am not clear about your actual view. Pls let me know whether you want a woman to be in employment/profession if she has the capability! Yes or No?
With regards.

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