Counting of Past Central Govt. Service

20 Dec 2012, 15:04

I was a central govt employee since 1992 and i joined in West Bengal govt in 2012 through relieving from central govt and maintaining lien in central govt for two years. I want to know the rule position for counting of past service for the pensionery benefit. I left only 12 years service. pl send the rule. whether it will automatically count or I have to apply before expiry of my lien period.
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Re: Counting of Past Central Govt. Service

20 Dec 2012, 19:14

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Please go through the rules regarding foreign service here:
I'll be happy to discuss about it further.
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Re: Counting of Past Central Govt. Service

20 Dec 2012, 21:04

The Rules for counting of past services for pensionary benefit are attached below. Have a look.

Note: Rules have been collected from Net
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Re: Counting of Past Central Govt. Service

15 Jan 2013, 22:14

The G.O.s provided by Mr. Ray are related to counting of past service & pensionary benefits etc. of Central Govt. employees. What about the similar G.O.s issued by the state govt.?
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Re: Counting of Past Central Govt. Service

15 Aug 2013, 00:29

probably the mutual agreement between the c.g. and different state govt.s can be seen at DOPT website. the order is as following-- DP&AR’s O.M.No.28/10/84-PU dated 29-8-1984. there has also an order on 1986 as following--No. 28(10)/84-P&PW.Vol.II 07/02/1986. Mr.donyi_polo kindly refer those. the 1986 order is also hosted at the same web-site.
thanking you.
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Re: Counting of Past Central Govt. Service

04 Oct 2013, 21:19

Ghosh Sir I agree but in a similar situation involving myself a Govt official told me that since new rules such as NPS has been framed by different state govts as well as central govt....the new rules will automatically nullify the OM of DOPT issued in 1985 & it true?
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