Mutual Transfer - How many times?

29 Jan 2013, 21:24

Friends, How many times a primary school teacher can avail mutual transfer or General transfer in the same district?
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Re: Mutual Transfer

13 Feb 2013, 18:04

A Council may –

(a) On its own motion, or

(b) On an application from a teacher, transfer approved teacher within its jurisdiction from one primary schools to another primary schools on the condition that such approved teacher is confirmed and has completed minimum two years of continuous service both in case of mutual or single transfer;

Provided that the Council may, if it considers necessary for proper utilization of service of a primary teacher in the interest of education, transfer and approved teacher without maintaining any time limit of service;

Provided further that where there is a surplus teacher according to Roll strength as stated in rule 3, the Council may, on its own motion, transfer such approved teacher without maintaining any time limit of service by way of rational adjustment of teacher in a primary school having deficit teacher in the following order of preference:

(i) A primary school without an approved teacher,
(ii) A primary school having a single teacher, and
(iii) Other primary school having shortage of teacher.
(1) No teacher shall be eligible to apply for transfer for a period of five years from the date of transfer.
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Re: Mutual Transfer

25 Mar 2013, 17:51

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Mutual Transfer - How many times?

05 Sep 2013, 19:37

if someone already got mt..can he get another chance of getting general transfer??after 5 yrs??
somnath banerjee
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