Deputation, Training, B.Ed etc.
#11462 by shovanphys
25 Apr 2013, 14:46
I am a non-b.ed Physics teacher(Hons/PG post) in a higher secondary school since 16/09/2008.From various corner,I am hearing that only PASS category teachers can undergo ODL mode B.Ed as Govt is arranging this course for upper-primary teachers only.Under this circumstance,my question is:
1)Can I undergo B.ed in this ODL mode arranged by State Govt.?
If yes,then is there any future risk of cancellation of this degree(let me suppose by NCTE)?
2)When will my increment stop according to the present rule?
3)Is there any chance for the State Govt to announce not to stop the increment of untrained teachers till 2015?
Awaiting your kind reply and suggestions......
#11503 by kaussm
28 Apr 2013, 15:35
your increment will be stopped on 1st of july 2013 (as per b.ed rule, after getting 4 increments)....
coming to the point of odl mode b.ed,I'm in enigma. Hope all will be clear in coming few days.
#11822 by sabita das
31 May 2013, 18:06
First,you r eligible for odl mode B.Ed. course if the post YOU HAVE JOINED was not approved fr H.S. only,inquire that.nodal university of this odl mode is netaji subhash open univ,you have to complete your within 31st march,2015. either in regular or in odl mode.
2nd,your increment will b stopped on nd from 1st july,2013.
3rd, there is no announcement till date.
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