B Ed through ODL Mode From NSOU for H.S section Teacher

06 Sep 2013, 23:52

I am an assistant teacher at a school in Bankura district of Higher Secondary section.I am taking classes V,VII,VIII,XI,XII in my school. In my approval there was written " New Post against H.S. Upgradation".
My name is enlisted in NSOU website to do B.Ed under ODL mode in this session. I have also applied to admit myself in a study center but according to terms of G.O. No. 715-SE(EE)/PTTI-7/2011(Part-I) Dated 19.07.2013 of the
Joint Secretary, School Education Department, Government of West Bengal teaching in Secondary and Higher Secondary classes (Class - IX to XII) will not be eligible for registration.
I have consulted my concerning D.I. regarding admission under ODL mode in NSOU as I have got chance in ODL according to their ( D.I office, Bankura ) list. They advised me to admit myself in the applied college ( which I have applied from http://www.bed.wbnsouadmissions.com/) at my own risk.
I am totally confused regarding this.
Now my question is-----
According to the said G.O. 715-SE I am not eligible to take admission in BED ODL. But as my name was enlisted ( also other H.S. section teachers from various schools in Bankura District) will I take admission in BED ODL?

If my candidature is cancelled according to the said G.O. will I be able to refund the paid fees ( Rs. 10035/-) from the study center? And how?

What I will do? Please advice me as soon as possible
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Re: B Ed through ODL Mode From NSOU for H.S section Teacher

07 Sep 2013, 20:46

According to the said G.O. 715-SE , you are not eligible to take admission in BED ODL.
If you take admission, later during scrutiny, your admission may be cancelled.
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