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#1749 by nemo
11 Apr 2012, 22:41
gautamsarkar wrote:Thanks Som for the GO.

Som deserves a Thumbs Up (Reputation point) for this; only 'thanks' is not fare. ;)
#1903 by SIBABRATA
17 Apr 2012, 18:56
What about those in service teachers who don't have the 50% marks in Graduation / PG and already have done service for a period of more than five years and are not getting the admission to undergo B. Ed.?

Can anybody put a solution?
#2102 by Nilaykundu
25 Apr 2012, 23:25
Is there any G.O bearing No 181SE (B) para 5D dt 08.10.2009 according to ROPA 2009 mentioning that the untrained teacher will get 5 increment in place of first 4 increment during his first 6 year of service.
#2105 by som
26 Apr 2012, 10:03
I am quoting the said para below.
(d) Untrained Secondary School Teachers shall be allowed annual increments in revised pay structure on condition that such untrained teachers will have to get themselves trained from any institute recognized by N.C.T.E. in regular or open and distant education mode within 5 years from the date of appointment. An untrained teacher of a recognized Secondary School with ten years teaching experience in recognized school shall be treated as a ‘trained’ teacher for the purpose of drawal of increments only (but not for applying to the post of Headmaster as a trained teacher) in the pay structure applicable to the teacher concerned after completion of one year from the date on which the condition of teaching experience is fulfilled.

[The granting of drawl of increment by untrained teachers has been relaxed upto 2012 (one time relaxation) by which they have to complete B.Ed. training has been published under G.O.No.759-SE (S)/2P-01/2009 dated 30th July, 2009].

As per Ropa,09 one have to complete minimum 6 months of Service on 1st July. In view of the above the number of increment will depend on the date of entry into service.

You may have a look at the entire order at this link. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=476
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