WBHS, Medical Reimbursement.
#2548 by som
12 May 2012, 11:49
Hi friends.
I never claimed or prepared any bill of West Bengal Health scheme, 2008.
It will be immense help if anybody disclose the step by step procedures for preparation of such bill with some sample sanction orders.
#2567 by nandimrinal
13 May 2012, 14:54
To prepare Health Scheme 08 bill the incumbent has to submit Form C, D1 or D2 or D3 (which is relevant) and Form E. For retired persons the forms will be Form III, IV1, IV2 and IV3 (which is relevant) and Form V
The forms must be signed and filled up properly. Along with the forms the original bills and cash memo should also submitted. The discharge certificate and photocopy of the WBHS 08 identity card of the employee and beneficiary is also needed.

Sample sanction order will be uploaded here. Sorry, the order is not in my hand at present, but I can give it. after 2/3 days.
#2611 by nandimrinal
14 May 2012, 23:41
Government of West Bengal
Office Head


WHEREAS Shri <incumbent>, <designation> of <Office> has submitted a prayer for granting medical reimbursement under clause 12 of the West Bengal Health Scheme – 2008 for an amount of ` 14,894/- (Rupees Fourteen Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Four) only as an expenditure incurred for self treatment (Indoor) for the period on 06/01/2012. Sri <incumbent>, <designation> has undergone treatment as an indoor Patient on 06/01/2012 in Disha Eye Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd. 88 (63A), Ghoshpara Road, Barrackpure, Kolkata – 700120 (Code No : 0411035) under West Bengal Health Scheme – 2008.
AND WHEREAS Sri <incumbent>, <designation>, has come under the purview of WBHS – 08 with Identity No. : <WBHS ID No.>.
AND WHEREAS Shri <incumbent>, <designation> has submitted all the requisite documents in support of his prayer of reimbursement.
NOW, THEREFORE after careful consideration of the matter sanction of ` 12,900/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand Nine Hundred) only is hereby accorded to Shri <incumbent>, <designation> as per rule of WBHS – 08 for the purpose of his medical treatment.
The undersigned will receive the sanctioned amount in this order from Treasury – I Place & disburse the same to Shri <incumbent>, <designation>, for the purpose for which the same is sanctioned.
The charge is debitable to the Head of account “bla bla bla” under demand no. 28, Departmental Code No.: HO during the financial year 2012-2013.
All concerned are being informed accordingly.


Memo No. : Dated :

Copy for information to:
1. The Accountant General, (A & E), West Bengal
2. The Director, abcd
3. Finance (Audit) Department, Medical Cell, Writers' Building (Ground Floor), Kolkata – 1
4. The Treasury Officer, Treasury – I, Place
5. The Assistant Director, Commercial Accounts
6. Service Book Section of this office
7. Bill Section of this office
8. Personal File of the incumbent
9. Sri <incumbent>, <designation>

#2715 by nandimrinal
18 May 2012, 12:37
Incumbent Side :
1) Give information about your treatment to the office in written.
2) Get treatment from the HCOs.
3) Fill up Form C, Form E and Form D1, D2 or D3 ( as per HCO status and treatment type: Indoor, Outdoor / OPD, or non-enlisted HCO).
4) Get proper attestation in Form D1, D2 or D3 from the concerned HCO.
5) Get photo copy of WBHS 08 Identity Card and the information letter you have submitted.
6) Submit all the forms mentioned above with the photo copy of I card and information letter and the bills / cashmemo in duplicate.

Complete the process within 3 months of the treatement.

Office Side :
1) Get information letter from the incombent.
2) Get all the forms and documents stated above.
3) Check whether Form D1/D2/D3 is properly filled up and attestation or not.
4) Check the claimed amount with the allowed rate chart.
5) Get the sanctioned order from the concerned DDO.
6) Prepare the bill in TR 68.
7) Recheck all the documents and submit the bill to proper table.
Be aware about the sanctioned capacity limit of the authority.
#4407 by joydeep05
12 Aug 2012, 07:10
My father was hospitalised for orthopedic operation. i had applied for Medical Advance within 3 days of hospitalization. Unfortunately when i finally received the sanction letter/order for Medical Advance my father was back home. As i am posted in the district i applied for the advance to the Treasury Office for the advance. the T.O. asked me again to submit the FOrm E, Father's Income certificate and Dr's prescription.
As far as my knowledge goes for advance no other document is reqd. My father used to work in a private company where there is no pension. who ill give the income certificate?
Can u pl. enlighten me regarding the same .
#9814 by creativepartha
06 Feb 2013, 21:06
You have definitely included your father as your dependent and thereby he is entitled to get the benefit of WBHS. You have to submit the photocopy of "package" by the hospital, photocopy of your identity card along with father's id card and an application for advance. Nothing else. As your father is an employee of a private concern, it is irrelevant for the purpose of WBHS enrollment or sanction of advance or final bill. Your father's income will be stated in Your Form B (enrollment certificate)as NIL.
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