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Feb 24, 2018 at 10:18 AM
      Sir, please answer my question.
    2. Arindam Chaudhuri
      Arindam Chaudhuri
      I am working with a private organisation near Delhi whereas my wife is in a school as Asst Teacher in Bankura district and stays in West Bengal. In Jan'18, her school stopped payment of HRA stating that my HRA is more than 6000/-. How it can be as-
      Could anyone please reply and help
    3. skdpkd
      Can any service commission wanted that qualification as essential qualification at the time of document verification what they did not want in the application form which form generated from that commission website and the candidate did not mention that qualification in the application form.
    4. Arun Bose
      Arun Bose
      I am a Constable of Kolkata Police and I have completed 11 years of service.Now I am appointed as a clerk under west bengal school service commission.does my seniority will continue to my new job.
    5. dhrubajyoti chakraborty
      dhrubajyoti chakraborty
      Sir the h.m of my previous school has transferred my p.f money into my salary a.c without giving me any memo regarding this. Is it a right process?? Is there any chance of getting any memo?? How can I submit the amount to my present p.f a/c?? Please suggest any way out
      1. Chandan Kumar Verma
        Chandan Kumar Verma
        Your school HM will apply for memo from DI, and then DI will hand over the memo to HM. You will get attested copy of memo from HM. You first request your HM to apply for memo of PF balance transfer.
        Thank you...
        Feb 4, 2018
    6. NIYAMAT
      4630-F dt.31.05 1980 &7195 -F Dt. 07. 1995 (day ta jani na) ei 2 ta Go ki apnader kache ace?
    7. Suryadipta Pal
      Suryadipta Pal
      now what can i do sir, please tell me the way so that there will be no further problem ....
    8. Suryadipta Pal
      Suryadipta Pal
      by mistake in the WBPSC JE form the column stated "i have informed the head of my office or dept... " i tick though i am unemployed ...
    9. Ritam Maity
      Ritam Maity
      HRA of divorced couple under same Dept of en gov.
      Is there any guide line or order??
    10. T.k.das
      Sir plz you let me know that 'A govt employee with the year of joining 2015 should get pension or not?'...
      Has there any revised pension rule like,central govt employees joined after 2004 are out of pension scheme...
      Plz help me
    11. saurav chaudhuri
      saurav chaudhuri
      is there any changes in G.Pay for completion of 16 yrs of service under CAS
    12. nabania patra
      nabania patra
      I am a primary teacher.If I joined as a school teacher under School Service Commission then my 3 years service will continue or not.
    13. Nikhilesh Bej
      Nikhilesh Bej
      After promoting to AHM will a PASS teacher candidate (M.Sc & B.Ed qualified) get pay scale like honers or Master degree pay scale?
    14. Biley Sarkar
      Biley Sarkar
      Sir, I am Gr. 'C' LDC appointed on Compassionate ground on September 2017. Will i get DA & HRA as per new rule of WB govt
      Please clarified that an employee joined into govt service on 13/11/2014 to the post of LDC , now she will completed 3 yrs probationary service on 13/11/2017 , now a question has been raised she will be allowed to promotion to the post UDC on vacancy post on 13/11/2017 or 13/11/2019 in terms of existing Govt. Rule.
    16. vinod kumar
      vinod kumar
      that is new atonomus hospital under state govt
    17. vinod kumar
      vinod kumar
      sir what i can apply for pay protection or nor ?, tall me .what i am alligable for pay protection or nor ? tall me sir
    18. vinod kumar
      vinod kumar
      Sir what is pay protection . Sir I am wooking in railway 1 year &6 month pay Grade 4600as a post of staff nurse & I joined in sssphpgti noida 4800 pay Grade with through proper channel as a post of staff nurses sister great 1. Sssphpgti noida give me joining later mansion that after provisions they give all allowance but my present total pay is less then railway.what I can apply for pay protection?
      1. nemo
    19. Tanmay Sarkar1
      Tanmay Sarkar1
      What is the Service rule should be followed for the W.B. Govt. Polytechnic Lecturers?
    20. monzamails
      please help me in adjusting leave from 18.07.2013-04.10.2013(79days) My date of joining in school service being 09.08.2010 and availed no leave other than casual leave till 17.07.2013.
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