HS practical during maternity leave
what are the rules associated with taking practical examinations of class XI and XII during maternity leave? Is it at all legal or not?
Mostly illegal as per my knowledge. Let see what is the opinion of the other members !
jayita Wrote:Is it at all legal or not?
Totally illegal <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised" /><!-- s:o -->
Who provided the tusk?
Any deputed teacher is working for your place? Then it is his/her duty. Otherwise how to take exam. by an absent teacher, whose leave was granted by M.C? It is impossible? Which was already said by our 2 friends.
Any kind of recognised leave including Maternity Leave is basically a period of ABSENCE FROM DUTY. Therefore, a female employee who is on Maternity Leave cannot take practical exams. when she is NOT 'on duty'.
but, i am bound to take the exam and my HM is forcing me to do so by stating that, if a single teacher is appointed for a particular subject, it is her part of duty to take all the exams for the concerned subject. what should i do?
Sorry, but I repeat my question is there any deputed teacher is working for your place?
jayita Wrote:...i am bound to take the exam and my HM is forcing me to do so ........... what should i do?
In such a situation you have to discontinue the Maternity Leave by submitting a modified leave application and RESUME YOUR NORMAL DUTY in school to take practical exams.
As far as I understand the situation of this topic no Legal way is applicable to the Illegal person (H.M).
no deputed teacher has been appointed in my place. and i am not permitted to sign in the attendance register as well. it is as if i am not present in the school, though i am taking the exam...!!!