School hours in Govt aided Junior High Schools
What is the duration hours and number of periods in Govt aided Junior High Schools (Class v - viii) in West Bengal ? Is there G.O regarding this ? Plz reply me .
School hrs. up to 8 periods is 5 hrs and 30 min including tifin time.
For no. of classes, please see the attachment, from where you may also calculate the school hrs. for several classes.

A sample allotment of times per class-

1st 4 periods: 4x40 = 160 min
Tifin = 30 min
Last 4 periods: 4x35 = 140 min
All total 330 min i.e. 5 hrs and 30 min.

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It is going to be from 10.40.a.m. to 4.30. p.m. including 40 mins tiffin period.
& its complete the 1000 hrs. in a year as per RTE..
There is no seperate order for Junior High Schools...Hope the attachment uploaded by respected Torkona J.H.School has cleared your confusion in this regard.
Of course, there is no confusion. The RTE act is applied for the classes I to VIII. Therefore the order is nodoubt for Junior High Schools.
Yes saij is right.

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