Duties of Head Master
A very good head master remains surrounded by students and their guardians, he/she sit for MP and HS form fillup though office clerks are present and teachers are always helping in different matters e.g. SC, ST, service book writing (of course own) PF calculation, HM must sign in these job. What duties of HM remains undone?
Abhijitbabu what do you want to say? I cannot understand.
abhijit babu@ you are right every one is ready & doing their job in-which they are special........... like in a FILM SET for example...actor,actress,cameraman,lightman,makeup man even producer also ready but without a man the film will never be start WHO is called the DIRECTOR....................................like as in our school he /she is called as a H.M
if a HM doesnot write the sevice book of a junior AT, do'nt give proper PF calculation and then the HM retire. is there any punishment for this selfish hm?
You have informed it after his retirement. Is not it ? No, there is no punishment system in my knowledge. Please,do this in own interest with the help of present T.I.C/Asst. Headmaster.
As per my knowledge, at the time of School general audit it is necessary to produce all staff's up-to-date service book and P.F ledger.
In our school education system, HMs are blessed with a lots of power. With these powers, a good and efficient HM can bring difference to his/her school. But as we know, WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES. Problem is HMs in many(probably most!) schools enjoy their power, but forget about responsibility! And not only schools, our whole system works like this. Thats why audit report comes clean without up-to-date service books! Frustrating! Is not it??

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