Maternity Leave Awkward Circumstances
Hello Friends,

Kindly look into this serious matter lead us to overcome from this circumstances.

If a in-service lady Teacher face the following circumstances when she was in the B. Ed. course (Session 2012-13):
1. She already took the Maternity Leave for the last 2 months from the total 10 months B. Ed. course. and
2. She also demand the rest of her Maternity Leave, 4 months after the joining date 15.05.2013 to the School.

Then, for the both College and the School:
1. How to appeal to the Managing Committee for the rest of her Maternity Leave (4 months)?
2. Is it mandatory to join to the School on 15.05.2013 for 1 day only?
3. If she join to the School for one day only (on 15.05.2013), then does it hamper to get the rest 4 months of her Maternity Leave?
4. Is there any G.O. or Supporting Document regarding this matter?

Thank you in advance..