How to recover Password from
Here is the step by step procedure to recover password from
Please follow the steps very carefully.
1. Go to:
2. Click on Login as existing user.
3. Click Forgot Password.
4. Enter UserID (PAN) * (Enter your PAN)
5. After waiting a bit a new form will be submitted from where you have to select and fill up the followings:-
a) Please select one option: * Enter Secret question answer Enter Acknowledgement number
You have to select any one option and enter the correct data.
b) Enter new password *
You have to provide a strong password having upper & lower case alphabates, numeric and special characters.
Until you provide a strong password, the same will not be accepted. You may see the progression there.
c) Repeat new password *
You have to repeat the same password. Untill you repeat the same password it will not show "Confirmed".
d) Please enter the code:
Enter the code shown below
e) Reset Password:
Now click the button.
6. SUCCESS: Password has been updated successfully.

Thereafter you will receive an email from sender "" Subject: "Confirmation mail from DIT for Password change"

Thats the procedure to recover the lost password. I have tried repeatedly and succeeded.
You may have a look at the attached files for screen shots.

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Thanks Dada.