Office duties / responsibilities of an AT in HS School
In my Madrasah, there is no any non teaching/office stuff/gr. d stuff, me and some ATs' with the TIC trying to do all of the office works. As we are the new one , so please notify me what duties we have keep in mind during work? keeping it mind that there is no such experienced ATs or TIC.
At first we all are teachers.Our society expect more from the teachers. Our main motto to create bright future of our students i.e a nice Society.
All the teachers have Rights, Duties and Obligations as per code. So that we are liable to do anything as per requirements of our school for the greater interest of our students. Don't mind please, take my heart full regards.
I personally believe in today's situation " Rights, Duties and Obligations as per code" and "to do anything as per requirements of our school for the greater interest of our students" are not the same. And a teacher have to choose between "interest of students" and codes of hassle free service.However ATs and TIC should work together forgetting their post or position to fulfill the minimum requirement to run the Madrasa smoothly (i.e. Midday meal,classes,salary documents, PF,Admission& evaluation records etc.)
Thanks to all...
At first thanks to all of my friends for replying.
actually dear friends, we are always trying to make our Madrasah better and hence your kind co-operations and advises through this "FORUM" are necessary. Again thanking you all of my friends.
I am glad to see such nice example of friendship. Thanks to all.
Thanks dear.
@b_roy & @Asit Baran Pal: Thanks for your valuable comments regarding this small but most important issue. It will help all the new teachers like us.
@pbiswas: I appreciate your thoght. As per my little knowledge I want to contribute some info regarding this issue. If you want to know the Govt rule then go through GO No s/18 14-01-2005.Find the attach file. But personaly I belive to make better our school/madrasha this is very impotatnt to devote myself more than the govt rules and acts.

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Respected elders,
Is there any written note mentioning the duties of a assst. teacher. Is an A.T. bound to do office duties?
please check out the attachment and find if it is helpful.

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Please be informed that the notification no. S/18 dated 14/01/2005 was revised by the notification no. S/120 dated 30/05/2005.
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