7690-F(P) dated 03.11.2015

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  1. atanumandal

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    Can anyone give me the order 7690-F(P) dated 3.11.15..I have 7690-F(P2) dated 3.11.15..Does the holiday announcement for 6th October applicable for government aided schools?
  2. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    Yes, you may consider the day as a holiday by N.I.Act.
  3. atanumandal

    atanumandal Member

    Thanks sir. Give those orders if possible.
  4. saibal1

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    order no. is 4890-F[P2] dated 16.09.2016. I am uploading the required order. BUT I have found that in some Govt. Aided School, authority still insist for Education Department
    circular. Does an order under N.I. Act issued by Honourable Governor requires Education Department's clearance ?

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  5. nazia

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    not at all
    no clearance is required
    if the governor gives any order
    all teaching and non teaching institutions must follow

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