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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by Santa, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Santa

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    Dear All,

    I find this site a helpful & friendly to the community of teaching as well the employees of the Government.
    As such as per my observation the teaching community is guided by service rules mostly dictated by the whims of different circulations.
    In the hey of circulations, clear formulations are really difficult to reach. On the other hand I find the teaching community specially the school teachers are suffering from various short comings in the perspective of the roll out of the rules & provisions of the Act.
    I don't find irrelevant to mention that the schools administration has been reduced to field of politics by some handful opinion makers. The last regime has established the practice and infused such elements in the force who are still active.
    Result is the suffering of the other staff. Always there is a play. Added to the still active counter personalities in the Government offices.
    So hope all member to be vary cautious in their way of service and this may be helpful for all.

    I am personally not from the teaching pool. I, being in the field of Administration/ HR & Personnel, generally deal with the laws relating to employment and by virtue of association of my family with this profession, I am elated to join this forum.

    Have a nice time ahead & we express our good wishes to all members for the coming Bengali New year.



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