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  1. Sir.. there should b a elected member from the staff along with Administrator, HM and an HM as an outside expert in the interview panel as per the guidelines...my question is that if the elected/ selected teacher is Non B.ed. ..is it right that he is in the interview panel...how is a non B.Ed. candidate is eligible to take interview of a candidate for the post of AHM.... thanks
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    External Expert should be an approved Headmaster of Recognized High/ Higher Secondary/ High Madrasa having at least 5 (five) years continuous teaching experience as Head of the said institution situated with in the subdivision where the school situated.
    Now, there is a question how a non B.Ed teacher be a Headmaster ( who is coming as an Expert) of a school ? To be a Headmaster, his professional qualification (B.Ed) must. If your school is sponsored then the members may be (1) Head master of your institution, (2) the President instead of Secretary as the now the HM and Secretary is the same person, (3) An Expert, (4) one teacher representative to be selected by the MC, (in case of school having Administrator /Ad-hoc committee , the TR shall be selected by the teaching staff in a meeting convened by the HM of the institution.) (5) a PIE instead of Panchyat Nominee.
  3. Sir ..m asking about the teacher representative..if the selected/ elected teacher representative is Non B.Ed.. can he take the interview of the candidate appearing for the post of AHM
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    Generally it is not right. Such clarification is not found.
  5. Very unfortunate and unjustified situation in my school
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    Please take suggestion from your concern DI./ DI office.
  7. I m badly in need of memo no. 485 GA dated 04-04-1996. Plz share it or post the link or PDF format... thanks in advance
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    Look here.....
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    Can now a Govt Sponsored school appoint a new AHM. I heard that the post of AHM is abolished from the sponsored school.
  10. Thanks koushik da ..But the information needs to be verified...If anyone gets the G.O. plz share


    sir i am a honours graduate teacher i have completed 10 years of service with prior permission of D.I i have completed M.Sc in physics in case of recruitment of AHM can i get post graduate marks
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    Yes. Bed is required.