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    I am a AT at a Govt. aided school and joined the same in Aug 2010 through SSC. There has been a change in guard in the TIC as the former HM re-joined, however there was no hand over of charges. In this chaos many official documents have been misplaced. Even leave records were misplaced and my service book never got updated. Recently one of the AT subitted some of the attendance registers with all manupulations and the HM has considered the same calculating leaves / absents / lates and have started deducting my salary.

    I have 2 issues in this :-
    1. The registers are manupulated and thus not acceptable to me.
    2. Salary deducted is on a higher scale to retrofit lower scale leaves.

    Already 30 days of salary deducted and HM is not listening to my objection / prayer.
    Can you please suggest the possible next steps? Complain DI, File Case.. etc..

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  2. mihiracharya

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    You write your complain to your HM and take a received. If the HM does not care to rectify then you may complain it to the President/ Secretary with a received copy. At last you may complain to the DI with the xerox copies of receiving copies.
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    in addition to learned Mihiracharya: it may also happen that the HM or the Secretary/President decline to accept any application or to provide receipt for the same, then the application may be sent through registered post.
  4. Bali

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    Thank you for the responses. It is worth mentioning that the school inspector has been informed / forwarded my letters by HM. He is also not actioning anything. Do you suggest that I forward the issue(s) to the DI and his supervisor at Bikash Bhavan?

    - B
  5. gpgarain

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    You can lodge an Online Grivance with Department of School Education. Go to their website, you will find the Grivance link at the bottom of the left Menu Tab at the Home Page. Click on it and you will find the detail process for the same.
    Click the link to go to the Home Page of the Department of School Education.
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  6. Bali

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    Thank You for the advice.
    I have lodged the complaint and will wait.
    However I see all such grievances are in pending status. Does ED ever look into this? Just curious.

    - B

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