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    I have been working in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Bangalore since December 2011. I joined with B.Tech in scale of 15,600 + 5,400 (Grade Pay). My current basic pay is 22,280. I had attended an interview for a post (qualification M.Tech) with 15,600 + 5,400 (Grade Pay) but with assured promotion after two years in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), ISRO. For applying for the post, the administration section of ISRO, Bangalore had not issued NOC. The reason was that my they said that the request for NOC should be routed through proper channel i.e. my reporting officer. When I approached reporting officer, he conveyed (without any reason) it is not possible for him to forward the application. Since the administration has not agreed to receive the request for NOC (without approval by reporting officer) by hand, I had sent it to them by registered post, the acknowledgement of which is preserved with me. Further to that letter, I have not informed the administration that I am forwarding the application to VSSC, Trivandrum.
    The VSSC administration allowed me to attend the interview eventhough I failed to produce NOC as they tendered a letter from me that I will be able to resign from the current post and join if selected. The result of the interview has been published and I am also selected for the said post. If I resign the current post and join VSSC, will I get the service which I had in here in ISRO, Bangalore and whether my pay will be protected? Please help on the course of action.
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    You should collect the service certificate from admin office. show the same to recruitment section at VSSC. Probably they will deny your letter stating that you handnt gone through proper channel according to their norms. Approach a lawyer.

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