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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by Nabonita, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Nabonita

    Nabonita Novice

    I really like this forum and appreciate the initiative.

    About 60-70% of topics here relates to School Education Department.

    There are presently 63 departments under West Bengal Government.

    And at least 25 of those are very vital departments.

    Can you (i.e. administrators) can provide facilities so that problems,specific to other departments can be posted under specific headings.

    You may begin with 2 or 3 vital one, like health, finance etc.
  2. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    Thanks for providing your feedback and appreciation regarding this forum.

    Your observation is right. It is a fact that majority of the members are of education department. So, discussion is maximum related to education. However we have tried to categorize the whole discussion into sections independent of any department. A separate section named "Ask for / Share G.O. (Education)" only is department specific. Otherwise all the sections are independent.

    It would be better from user's point of view to have separate section for each department; but as there are many departments in west bengal it would not be feasible to have so many sections.

    I welcome your suggestion and place my opinion for your perusal.

    ... nemo
  3. Nabonita

    Nabonita Novice

    Ok.Actually searching for a forum for other departments.

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