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    One of my friends, who had been an AT in pass category ever since his joining in 2008, has joined another school in PG category. In his ex-school he had exhausted all leaves such as CL, ML, Half Average pay leave and had to be on LWP for 15 days in 2011. But on somebody's suggestion he got the salary for that period deducted as overdrawal amount to avert the break of service situation. Can the provision of advance ML help him to tide over the situation?. Will he really face break of service? What should he do to avert this?
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    * If he takes 15 days of E.O.L. (without pay), and takes salary for the said period , then he should must return his salary for 15 days as overdrawn.
    ** If his 15 days of EOL approved by the MC then it will not be consider as break- in- service. Because, approved EOL will not be consider as break- in- service no more in ROPA-2009.
    *** You informed that he has no leave in his leave account and he left his first school. In which school, he has taken his EOL ? By the by, advance medical leave may be granted by the MC with the approval of WBBSE in serious condition.
    Thanks a lot.

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