Can a male employee with two children can be allowed 30 days' child care leave as per GO 1100-F(P)

Discussion in 'Leave' started by cridir100, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. cridir100

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    Plz. clarify if a male employee of WB Govt. with two surviving children can be allowed a total of 30 days' child care leave as per GO 1100-F(P) dated 25/02/2016 in case of each child thereby being 30+30=60 days or cumulatively 30 days for both children taken together.
  2. So far I've gathered on this matter, it's 30 days in total for the entire service life... cumulatively for both the children.

    But I'd suggest you to dig into the matter a bit more with opinion of an experienced personnel for affirmation.
  3. cridir100

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    Thanks Shayak. I am trying to get a clarification from the Finance Department at Nabanna also.

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