Cannot login to Intra SED of WBSED as a teacher

Discussion in 'Management' started by sourishjal, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    I tried to login to the Intra SED webpage of WBSED quite a few times but failed to do so. After finding the personal details as per school database whenever I try to login it asks for password which I don't have, nor do I know the procedure to acquire the password. Does any concerned higher authority of schools keep that password in his possession? Please, some one come my help in this regard.
  2. gpgarain

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    The "Teacher Login" section on WBSED is still in proposed stage. The authority has a plan to provide individual user id and password to teachers in future. One will be able to view or print his/her profile details, payment details, deduction statement etc. But they did not give a time frame as when it will be done. So wait till the process starts.
  3. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member


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