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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by suvro, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. suvro

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    If it possible to create a database for the G.O. and forms It will be helpfull for every member to search the required G.O and forms for according to their requirments. Every G.O. can be found more easily. And a update screen (Where they can see new order ) of new orders can help members.
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    @suvro: What do you think if a page is created near Board Rules or Ask Question where an index will be there for all G.O.s chronologically for separate subjects?

    There is already one as mentioned by @gpgarain but this new page should be different from that. please suggest.
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  5. suvro

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    I don't understand your comment. Please elaborate
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    @suvro I have already posted two links as inquired by you. Except these, @nemo wanted your (or anybody else') suggestions if you think something different for organizing the G.O.s. in a different way.
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    Yes, I have noticed. Department wise G.O can be organised. I mean, for an example Education is the Mother department under education Primary, Secondary, Higher Education can be organised. Under every department fields like: Manuals, Loan, Leave, Tax etc. will be visible.

    *If any Primary School teacher wants to find an order or any info related to TAX (where every GO,info,form related to TAX of Primary School Teacher can be found). he will follow the path:


    And If anybody wants to anything he/she have to post his/her query in specific place like. If a Seconday School teacher wants to post a question related to General Transfer, he/she will follow the path.

    Query>Department>Education>Secondary>Transfer>General Transfer> Here he/she can post his/her query
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    @suvro: this is actually a discussion forum. So, G.O.s are not organised here. Only question can be asked. We try to answer the question as well as try to provide G.O. from other places like Govt. Websites, wbxpress.com etc.
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    Please provide me the G.O. N.O.1619 estab(cell-II)/WI/N/12A-26/2009 dated- 31/08/2009 It is about recruitment of companssaionate ground under water resources development depatment(WRIDD)

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