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  1. Sir,

    I had joined by service on 11.07.2011 as an A/T in a school against a regular vacancy. I was absent from 19.08.2014-09.09.2014 (22 days including saturday and sunday) due to the death of my father. Can I avail commuted leave or half average in this case? On the starting date of the leave period, I had completed 3 years of service.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  2. b_roy

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    You can surely avail commuted leave for 22 days for personal need and your 44 half average pay leave will be deducted from your leave account. How ever your commuted leave is subject to the sanction of the authority.
    Actually you had 45 (3*15) half average pay leave at that time.
  3. Thanks sir for the reply. And sorry for my late response. Can anyone post the relevant G.O. Is there any G.O stating that commuted leave cannot be availed before 4 years completion of service?
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  4. gpgarain

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    There is no such G.O.
  5. mihiracharya

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    I want to say about Commuted Leave. It should be preserve for future use. @ sagnikbanerjee is a new appointee. He will have to gone for a long way. In future, there may come more great serious condition when need more and more leave. We only get 365 Medical leave (fixed). 30 days of commuted leave (fixed), but HAP Leave is unlimited. When we need, then it may avail. If @sagnikbanerjee takes 11 days of community leave, then it will remain only for 19 days for the rest service life. I think it is not so good. In his case I prefer to get HAP Leave, don't mind it is only my opinion.
    Thanks a lot.
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  6. Arabinda1983

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    Is it true that the commuted leaves accrue over time to the leave account again once it is consumed completely?
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  7. gpgarain

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    Find the details about Commuted Leave in This Post
  8. mihirda ,
    ami aitai jante chaichilam.
    half average pay leave ki maximum 60 din paoa jay naki kichu kharach hole pare ta jame?
    please government order number/reference number diben.
    ami khub confuse Dada,
    please uttar diye amar upakar korben asha kori!
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  9. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    say, in first 4 years( in 2012) HPL deposite 15x4 =60, Some one take 20 days (in 2012) HPL, then balance is 40 days, Next year (2013) it will be 40 +15=55 days, again enjoy 10 days (2013), balance=45 days, next year (2014) it will be 45 +15= 60 days. such way it will be continued. Remember that in your service books the HPL max. balance 60. It will not cross after 60 days.
  11. anupsaha1977

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    Of course you can ... 22 commuted leave....means 44 hpl. ... and after this you can take more 8 days of commuted leave in whole service ... but can take hpl ....
  12. anupsaha1977

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    Commuted leave taken in total is 30 Max. in whole service against 60 hapl ... but hapl can be if it is restored.

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