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Discussion in 'Appointment' started by jayita, May 15, 2016.

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    I have been appointed as a teacher of HS section in computer science. Am I bound to take school introduced computer classes(basic computer learning) for class ix(which is not an additional subject)? Please send me necessary documents related to this issue. As well I have to teach both com's and coma, though I have been appointed for com's. But in my routine no class is allotted for computer science. Please clarify this issue as well.
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    Yes, if the school authority ask to do so. The total number of classes will not exceed 25 +11.
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    But tell me
    Thank you sir.But as per my knowledge,for any lab-based subject in hs section 7periods/week should be allotted. So, for COMA and COMS total periods for xi and xii should be 14+14 i.e. 28.Though no class has been allotted for coms in my routine in spite of my repeatative verbal request and I have been asked to adjust classes as per student's routine to take these particular classes for computer science. And please clarify d issue related to class ix's school introduced course.
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    Amar o subject computer science. Apnar joining?...

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