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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by nemo, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    Hello friends,

    I was thinking of a new feature by which members can create their own album and upload photo/video to it.
    Please write your opinion about this.
  2. gpgarain

    gpgarain Following You. Staff Member

    Yes, I think this feature will definitely degrade the dignity of this forum like many other social networking sites. Members will, I think, be busy in photos and images forgetting the actual motto of this dream project of you. But there are so many members here. Let them opine their own. Thanks.
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  3. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    @gpgarain: thanks for your opinion. this forum is completely different from social networking sites. but nowadays people are more engaged in social networking sites than this type of forum. so there must be something interesting in social media sites. i am finding good features of social sites and this idea came to my mind. i think this will dilute the gravity but as well increase engagement of people here. i am in dilemma.:rolleyes:. so asking for other members unbiased opinion regarding this.
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  4. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    @nemo So, now you will have to choose between Gravity and Engagement......Let me say how it will be......uuumm.....Gravity with Engagement, or Engagement with Gravity. Let me explain. You allow people to upload, chat, share, manage, or whatever the other social sites do these days, but with a bit of restriction, or better say with moral obligation and conscience. Members will upload and share things which are far more moral and intense in nature. Like, say a teacher will post the images of a cultural programme held at his school, or share his thoughts and suggestions during preparation for Madhyamik or H.S. Exams. In short, anything that may help the society in a way. I would like to take it that way.
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  5. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    A kind of social forum where members are encouraged to upload helpful materials/pictures/videos. Well said @sourishjal.
  6. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    @nemo Yes, you are right there at the point I meant......a helpful social forum for the grown-ups who are mature enough to understand the basic needs of the society.
  7. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    Ok. Let's see what other members are saying.
  8. asif

    asif Staff Member

    A photo album like:-

    a. School Activity e.g. Sports, Prize distribution etc.
    b. Newspaper cutting related to Service Matters.
    c. Moments of Examination etc.

    shall not dilute the gravity but it will enrich the forum.

    So my vote is "No".
  9. b_roy

    b_roy Well-Known Member

    A good idea. But who will filter the photo or video? I think it will not only affect the gravity but also welcome new hazards. Thanks.
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