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    A teacher without giving any information to the HM took his 3 leaves on 1st, 3rd & 5 March...Next, HM showcaused him. And the teacher gave a rude reply to that letter. After that, HM cut his 3 days Salary.
    Was that a right process which HM took?
    If there is any solution to this!
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    Leave Sanctioning Authority may not grant "Un-authorized Absence", if the reply of the show cause notice is not satisfactory. It is also to be remembered that "Leave is not a matter of right".

    There are guidelines in the service rule for "treatment of un-authorized absence" and "willful absence from duty".

    Also as per West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (Conduct and Discipline of Teachers and Non-teaching Staff) Regulations, 2004, "Un-authorized absence to be treated as misconduct" which may be followed by Initiation of disciplinary proceedings. In such case of non-criminal misconduct, authority should give reasonable opportunity for rectification; however if the reply is not satisfactory then appropriate action may be taken by the authority which in such case is a "pay cut".
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    ........ but this is not a healthy solution.
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    Actually there was a bit temptation between the HM and that teacher since he was appointed . Don't know why! One day, before taking the permission of a leave, he phoned HM but he was misbehaved by HM. He was rudely told that he must not phone him to grant a leave. the teacher had no option as his mother was ill and hospitalized. Under such condition,HM asked him to furnish evidence as a supportive documents as he wanted to clear if he(the teacher) was lying or not.After that he felt insulted and the next time,he didn't take the permission of HM to take a leave. In his reply letter the teacher cited these facts.
    Would that teacher face break of service?
    How would this be entried on service book?
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    Without pay does not mean break of service. But the situation is not good for both of them. If this situation will occur frequently then his/her date of increment will be affected in future.
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