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    Who applied for compassionate appointment in the year 2011, for the post of group -C, promulgation of new compassionate appointment rules 2013.
    what would be their gross salary?
    Because new compassionate appointment rule 251-emp 3rd December 2013, is not providing DA and HRA.
    Please reply.
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    all the employee joined on or after 2013 at LDC post will get only basic pay and ma. no da or hra. direcct recruitment through ssc or appointed under compassionate ground covers this. they have to pass deptt type test through ssc in online mode of application within 2 years to get full pay and da etc. promotee to ldc will get full pay but have to pass deptt comp test otherwise no increment or promotion allowed.
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    Here is your answer.

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    Sir,, i am completed 3 year service in WB Group C post... as LDC.. At Forest Depernment. Under G.O No. 1832-F(P) dt. 01. 03. 2013.

    Sir Amai plz bolun , Job conformation korar jonno ki akhon abar amay examination dite hobe... Na ki r exam deor kono proyojon nei...?
    Anser dele upokrito hobo...
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    if you joined on or after 1.3.13, then you have to pass deptt exam unless your employment will be terminated after 1 year from completion of 3 years service. my advice immediately enroll in SSC for type test to be held expected within next december and you have to pass the same failing which there will be a big question mark against your employment.
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  7. If a person is appointed on compassionate ground as LDC in a polytechnic college at an age above 50 yrs(special consideration) on 2014, by the respective order he/she is exempted of passing departmental Computer Type Test. But will he/she get the increment for the first two years of his/her appointment, i.e. - within the probation period? If she is given that already, will the effect be refunded ? What is the order regarding this case?
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    Please let me know whether there is any difference between initial pay for LDC appointed through SSC & through Compassionate ground. The Pay band for LDC is 5400-25200. SSC says that initial pay should be as per Govt. Rules under Part-E of Schedule-I of WBS (ROPA) Rules-2009 (GO No. 1690-F dt. 23-02-2009) in respect of entry point pay for direct recruits in Gr-C category having grade pay of Rs.2600/- i.e. Rs.6240/-
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    Yes, he/she will get increment @ 3% in his/her probation period. Please see point no. 8 of the attached order.

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    In order no -251-Emp Dated -03/12/2013 all compassionate ground Gr-C & Gr-D regular basis

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    Whether the new rule vide order no. 6712-F(P2) dated 6/11/17 (Finance Deptt, WB) shall be applicable to the group-c employees appointed on compassionate ground or not? pl reply
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