Dearness Allowance of 10% announced for Employees of West Bengal

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    West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee on Friday (11.09.2015) held a meeting with the federation of Government employees at Netaji Indoor Stadium. Main highlights of her speech:-

    • We will give 10% DA to government employees from January, 2016.
    • Those who worked on bandh day will get Compensatory Leave. Those who were absent will be penalised.
    • State Govt Employees will get Leave Travel Concession (LTC) every 10 (ten) years.
    • Govt has decided to widen the benefit of Home Travel Concession (HTC) to State Govt Employees every 5 (five) years.
    • We will form 6th Pay Commission which will work from 1 January 2016 till 31 Dec, 2025.

    Source: 10% Dearness Allowance for West Bengal Govt. Employees – WBXPress
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    One thing I cannot understand - what was the necessity of declaring DA that would be effective from January, 2016. Doesn't it sound ridiculous on September, 2015 just before the month of Puja?
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    From January with 6th Pay Commission will effect and 10% DA also?
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    The 6th Pay commission will start to work from January, 2016 and the commission will be valid till 2025. But it is uncertain when the commission will publish its recommendations regarding the revision of pay and when these recommendations will come to effect.


    Ar katokal thakbi beti matir delar murti aral..................... Sargo je aj joy koreche ottachari sakti charal.

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