Documents and formalities for addnl increment (10 years)

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    I am about to complete 10 years of service and I have worked in two schools- one in Pass category and now in P.G. category. I have maintained the continuation in service with due permissions of the concerned D.I.s. Now. as I am about to complete 10 years of tenure and I am willing to apply for additional increment after getting the annual increment. I want to know about the necessary documents and the procedure of application in details.
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    When your 10 years will be completed?
    1) If your first joining date is between 2nd July to 1st January, then you will get 10 years benefit on that day.
    2) If your date of joining is between 2nd January to 30 th JUNE, then you should take 10 years benefit on 1st July with annual increment. (Double increment)
    3) It is maintained by the School Authority. They may take a resolution and indicate the said Meeting & Resolution No. in your service book. There is no need to take permission from the D.I. of Schools'
    4) You may remind the date to clerk.
    Thanks a lot.
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    sourish kausik da here.U hv to apply to the secretary through the HM mentioning the date of 1st joining and the date of entitlement of the benefit.U can draw the additional increment on the date of entitlement if ur date of 1st joining falls within 1st july to 31st december.otherwise take it on 1st july with the annual increment.Record it properly in the service book mentioning the mc resolution no and date.u can call me as to how to record it in the service book.
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    There are 2 good informative answers Mihir and Koushik, but I just wander, Sourish said his first appointment is Pass category and now he is serving in PG category, so how “10 year continuous service in same post” rules fulfilled, required for such increment?

    Government of West Bengal
    School Education Department
    Budget Branch
    Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700 091
    No. 181-SE(B)/5B-1/09. Dated, the 8th October, 2009
    2. Additional incremental benefit for 10/20 years of service (Applicable to Teachers/Non-teaching staff
    All teaching and non-teaching employees of Govt. Sponsored/Aided Institutions shall be entitled to an
    additional increment in the revised pay structure @ 3% of pay in the pay band and grade pay taken together for
    every 10 years of continuous and satisfactory service counted from the date of first appointment to the same post
    subject to a maximum of two such increments during the whole career in addition to the benefits which may be
    admissible to him/her – both functional (due to appointment as Headmaster/Headmistress/Asstt.
    Headmaster/Asstt. Headmistress/Head teacher) or non-functional (due to benefits of 18 years of service).
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    In this case the post is of Assistant Teacher and would be considered as same post ,whether it is pass or PG category, would not matter.
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    OK, thanks
  7. Really... admire your knowledge
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    Now the HM will also get 20 years of benefit from his first date of joining. (ROPA-2009).

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