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Discussion in 'Grievance' started by b_roy, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Friends, you know our govt has decided to give money to buy 2 sets of uniform for the school children up to class VIII. But our intelligent govt thinks that it's unnecessary to provide the facility for the General category (except SC and ST) boys if they do not belong to BPL. (Previous year the facility was provided only for all girl students and SC/ST boys)... we are progressing. Great decision!!! But being a primary teacher I am not being able to understand something and to make my students as well as their guardians understand something. PLEASE help me to be a good teacher.
    I can't understand
    a. Is a child different in the eye of law for getting facility (and does RTE supports this except ensuring admission of poor students in school)? If yes then why should the non-BPL students be given mid day meal free of cost?
    b. If a child's grandfather is listed as BPL will the child be BPL automatically or not?
    c. If some family belongs to ANTYODAY (which is poorer than BPL- I heard but not sure), is it BPL automatically?
    d. In many reports govt says BPL list is not complete and not correct, yet it is the standard?
    e. Why should the primary school be instructed to prepare for eligible students with out proper instruction?

    I am not being able to make students understand:
    'SC', 'ST', 'BPL', 'APL' 'GIRL student', 'Boy student' for getting dress while I am teaching both boy and girl are equal and all people are same.

    and also I can't make understand the guardians why his/her ward was not listed eligible as the power is with the HM/HT?
    Please give your opinion or correct me if I'm mistaken.
    N.B. I have said all these as I have found the matter in my circle in my district. If the matter is otherwise in other places please share here.
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    Thank you indeed to bring forth the ground situation. I am really amused by this kind of decision making by the top level functionaries of the Govt. They must have decided it after several rounds of meeting in the cool comfort of their AC cabins. I am sure some of the dignitaries in those meetings also traveled some distance in AC cars at the expense of the taxpayers just to take part in such important decision making process. And now before us the cool decision! Commendable I should say.
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    Dear friends,
    I think Govt. has taken such decision on the basis of socio-economic conditions of the families of the students. It seems that SC/ST students are socially backward are always considered as economically backward also for the purpose of free supply of uniforms! I don't understand the logic. There are many SC/ST families who are affluent, even having better economic condition than many "General" families. On the other hand, to support the poor students of "General" families the classification of BPL is used. It's a good idea. To protect the interest of women, girl students are favoured compared to the boy students. Therefore, there is no single formula working here for the purpose of free supply of uniforms. Everything depends on the strategy which is again dependent on some "ifs" and "buts"! Ultimate losers are the boys of General category families living APL. Of course govt. is intelligent enough to apply so many formulae to knock out the boys belonging to general category and APL families!
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    @ Bithi_dutta: Thank you for explaining the rationale behind such decision. You made life easier for people like me who found it hard to crack. However, the original post by b_roy states his dilemma to explain this to the little children at primary level in the rural/urban govt. aided primary schools as well as to their parents, who might despite being APL sending their wards to school to cross the unsurmountable hurdle of being the first person in their family to be literate.
    Does this 'discrimination' not make a indelible mark in the heart of these left out APL, Gen and male children to alienate them against other groups of society throughout their later life?
    How do you explain to children of age group 5-12 years the concept of equality of every human being irrespective of class ,creed,etc. under this situation as a teacher in a classroom where a certain section is wearing uniform doled out by the govt. and others are not?
    What is next? I fear, free uniform for all belonging certain minority community just to boost up the culture of school going habit in the children of that community.
    This will be dangerous and open to rampant abuse by the politico.
    Friends, Kindly think over the above points and please post reply.
  5. rabi

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    i feel agree with bithi with a slight difference.apl/bpl are standards of the families based on the principles and regulations ,made,governed, maintained,and after all implemented by the govt.so the govt has to follow its own system.the 2sets of dresses to all the sc/st students and 'girl' students, never encourage other general caste poor(or call bpl) 'male' students.its really embarrassing. the sufferers are the teachers who are helplessly to answer the poor little boys-'why can't we get new clothes?'.....
    the only answer would be -'its the matter of your govt.'
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    So, I can't understand why the ERO office insists only on the ration card as the proof of current residence!What about the validity of other documents!

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