Duties and Responsibilities of Group D Staff of High School

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  1. Poz don't puzzle people posting wrong information.
  2. mihiracharya

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    A Gr. D must do his duty by the instruction of the H.M. & M.C. But he will not do any personal works of the H.M. or any staff of the school or any member of the M.C. I have discuss about this before.
    Thanks a lot.
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  3. sourishjal

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    BAPPA GHOSH Novice

    Dear all....first off all u all need to remember that, everyone are employees..... The only difference is the grade.....

    We all like colleagues....not a senior/junior etc...practically I found that, in a school...most of the staff means 60% (specially in gov't aided) are FAAKIBAAZ....manun r na manun.....40% or less 40% are genuine staff....

    The Group D & Clerk are the main backbone to run the office as well as office.......but I saw as to newly recruited candidates...they are energetic....they do every work from opening the school to close....ringing bells, serving notices,keeping files safe...overall they do all the office work....& this is their basic duty & responsibility.....they are so advanced that, they can go to class.....they do some job of HM.....many things....when the teacher saw that, the group D is more advanced...they the Group D humilated by the AT,HM etc....I personally faced- Amar chair ta jhere daao"...Bloody teachers feels that he is my personal maid.....the contradiction starts from here.....the Group D does a lot than their duties...but no respect are there...

    Ami Amar chokher samone AT,HM er dayitte obohela, taka churi,mid day meal churi, adda. ja dekhechhi......taate kore etuku bolte Pari...j ei G D achhe bolei school gulo timely cholchhe....na thakle bojha jeto...........

    Give me the link....or order copy with memo....
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  5. asif

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    @BAPPA GHOSH: Thank you for sharing your experience. It is somehow true. But remember the following:

    BAPPA GHOSH Novice

    I always given my best to my job....but the irresponsible teacher ...always disrespected the G D staffs.....

    Lastly I got another psc(KPS) job & left the job......but I will definitely disclose everything within 1 yr to all....

    Coz, the teacher doesn't know that , the newly recruited staffs are more smart than them
  7. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    Yea @BAPPA GHOSH and @asif, both of are correct to the farthest possible extent. But what I wish to highlight is that we together have to bear the responsibilities we are committed to towards the fulfilment of the objectives of education.
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  8. pbhakat

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    How can there be any such provision as :
    (10) To carry tea and Tiffin and water botle and cigarettes from the local shop-keepers !!
  9. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    It is the practiced that has been continuing since very beginning, a Gr. D cleans the staff room, Office room, Class room; brings water from Tube well. In a co- ed should have a post of Matron. I have posted the duties of a group D in this forum. If the "order" be converted by "friendly request" then so many things may be done. But if any teacher or HM or TIC "order"
    , it is not tolerable.
    By the by @ Bappa Ghosh, no doubt a happy news for your new appointment in the post of KPS. It is a direct Govt. Service and you will enjoy the duty. Thanks an advance.
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    BAPPA GHOSH Novice

    Thank u...
  11. g_patra

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    Why we all can't think like you? You are great.
  12. kanai das

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    You can definitely consult to a lawyer. Group A,B,C,D are the divisions of grade, it doesn't mean that some holding the same group will have same job/task,if it would be the same then there need not any designation, it ought have been only a designation that is D or C etc.There must have a particular tasks of designated laboratory attendants,if there is no such order mentioned by the wbcssc,it should be made.
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  13. sudam das

    sudam das Novice

    Pls give govt website..where from I get these informations
  14. sudam das

    sudam das Novice

    Don't puzzle
  15. Anirban Sen

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    Is any assistant teacher can order a Gr.D peon to serve his berak fast on a table into the Teachers Room?
  16. ei order er copyta pele valo hoto
  17. Dipak Bar

    Dipak Bar Novice

    I am a laboratory attendant of Depal B.C. Vidyamandir(H.S.) Please mention my duties
  18. Dipak Bar

    Dipak Bar Novice

    I am a lab attendant of hs school .plz reply me do this my duties.
  19. mintud

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    *is it true*

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