Final Release Order in Superannuation Retirement

Discussion in 'DCRB Scheme' started by rrcuda, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. rrcuda

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    Is Final Release Order a must in case of superannuation retirement? If so, what will be the date of final release if last date of a month is a holiday? Is rule 79 of WBSR-Pt-I is related to this matter?
  2. nemo

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    Yes, it is a must.
    Say, someone will be retired in May, 2015.
    As 31st May is Sunday, (i.e. a Govt. Holiday), the retirement date will be 30th May.
    Accordingly, in the release order, it is to be mentioned that, the date of retirement of such person is 31st May, 2015 which is a Govt. holiday, hence he is released on 30th May, 2015.

    This is also applicable if the last day is a Govt. Holiday.

    Yes. Rule 79 is related to this matter.


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