GPF Refundable Advance under special case

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    What are the special reasons are valid for GPF Refundable Advance under the special case ?
    ( subscriber may take such advance upto 75% of the balance at his credit)

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    Dear members, a question about GPF. In case of a retired person, may get interest upto six months from superanuation date. But in case of transfer, there is no similer way to accrued the interest. It is seen to deffer form district to district (DI's to DI's). Say , some one transfered from his privious school 12/12/2014. But he/she found now that his/ her cheque accumulate upto 12/12/2014 with interest. Then where flew away the interest to till date (cheque date) ? As far as I know that the school has been continuing their school P.F.ledger along with this amount since 12/12/2014. Then who will be gainer - school, A.I. or D.I. or Govt? School, AI. or DI can not enjoy this. But it is true fact that the subscriber (incumbent will be loser) which is painful.
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    I had joined in the Directorate of Industries,kolkata in the year July-2002. Later I got self transfer forgoing seniority in the Land & Land Reform Office in the year 2005 which is in my home district. As per my first appointment date, my total period of service is completing 15 years on July-2017. I want to apply for non-refundable advance after 15 years as per rules. Can I apply for non-refundable GPF advance after July-2017 ? or my period of service counts as per my new Office posting i.e. after 2005?
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