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    My wife joined an aided school as an Asst. teacher in 2002 through SSC selection. She was appointed in another aided school in a different district through fresh SSC selection with service continuation in 2009. She got her new GPF account opened in new school. The amount standing at her credit in old GPF account has now been disbursed to her by cheque from previous Treasury. Cheque has been issued in her name. No memo has been issued from previous DI Office. She has applied to previous DI for memo.

    My question: Whether or not it is mandatory for her to deposit the amount to her new GPF account once the memo is issued to her from previous DI Office? I am asking because the cheque has been directly issued to her and not to T.O. of new Treasury!
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    1) She will deposit the cheque in her own Bank Account.
    Now she may deposit herself or through her school.
    2) Collect T.R.Form-7 (4 copies), fill up with the help of Treasury Officer [ Present place, He will give the information for column no. 2b (treasury code )and 3 ( A/C number)]
    3) Now, go to Bank and deposit the amount with 4 copies of form by cash or cheque. Bank will give one copy to depositor.(Two will send to the treasury,the rest will kept for their record.)
    4) The incumbent submit the copy to the school and a xerox should be kept in her own custody.
    5) New school add the amount in her P.F.Ledger and ready to calculation for interest all together.( If the deposit is done within 16 th day of the month then the interest start from this month.)
  3. Is it mandatory to deposit the share of GPF amount in the case like discussed above
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    Yes, it is mandatory to submit the amount to her new school with out fail.

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