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    As per ROPA 2009 which grade pay is now entitled to the AHM of higher secondary school if he is an M.A/M.Sc degree holder? Rs. 5100 or Rs. 5000. Please mention the latest order. I get confused among 46-SE(B), 56-SE(B), 181-SE(B) etc.
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  3. As per the latest order regarding grade pay of AHM of HS school as per ROPA 2009, I would like to inform you that the AHM should get an additional Grade Pay of Rs 200 over and above the grade pay admissible to him/her. Memo no. 181-SE(B)/5B-1/09 dated the 8th October 2009.
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    1) In case of class V-X, Grade Pay of AHM-4800+ 200=5000/-
    2) In case of class V-XII, Grade Pay of AHM-4800+ 300=5100/-
  5. 56 SE B Has been cancelled by Memo no.181 SE B. Is it right?
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  7. Im an AHM of a HS School.Bt I have been allowed 200 as Additional G Pay by DI of Burdwan and I have read Memo 181 which confirms it.

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