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Discussion in 'Pay & Allowances' started by vasma, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. vasma

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    Husband's HRA as on 1/1/2018 = 4412
    Wife's HRA as on 1/1/2018 = 3321

    How the salary requisition to be calculated ? Is it 4412 for husband & 2679 for wife or else ?
  2. gpgarain

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    Its optional. Either of the two can draw as per his/her admissiblity and the other the rest (Total Rs.6000). In that case they will again have to give option in July,2018. In such case it is wise to fix @ Rs.3000 for each.
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    I hv a can i place my Query?? Help me out kindly
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    I have one query. In case husband in working in a different state in a PSU company, and is staying there in lease accommodation, and not taking any HRA, what will be the HRA admissibility of wife?
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    I am a primary teacher .my wife is serving govt job and avails govt quarter. My hra has been deductded for a year for this. Now my wife 's hra is not being deducted for few months (don't know the reason) tho she still avails quarter. now I have to submit hra declaration form. If I mention that she does not avail quarter by submitting her payslip as she gets hra will I get my hra. If I mention so, will i have problem?
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    Reply please

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