Immoral proposals by the Doctors of empannelled pvt hospital

Discussion in 'Grievance' started by 1963 tirtha, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I have been very much doubtful about the existence of this wbhs 2008 as since last July 2013 I am running pillar to posts rather pvt. hospital to hospital where some of the doctors are not ready to handle my wife's hysterectomy without excess fees of Rupees 30,000/- to 38,000/- or more when there is only a sum of rupees 25000/- has been arranged as the package charge . They are saying that you(myself) have to pay the said sum extra for which they shall not provide any kind of papers and thus that will not be reimbursed .Hence in this pecuniary crisis of the employees under the group B /c/d level it will be a far far cry . On the other hand,having ample money, Group A employees are accepting the said unethical /immoral proposals. But mylike persons are roaming and roaming till date. Have a discussion over this matter.
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    Yes. You are 100% right.The Government is befooling the employees. There is no fund with the Government. Many hospitals have got several lakhs of rupees as due. As they do not pay to the doctors on the plea that they will be reimbursed on payment from government so the doctors are not ready to do any service to the patients under WBHS. It appears to be a legalised scheme to collect money from the employees and re divert the funds to the other works.

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